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What types of dresses do the Indians wear on special occasions?

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the dressing of west bengal

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Indian culture and tradition are legendary because a great variety of people, language, traditions, customs, clothing, etc. are found here. Indian culture is also famous and unique because it has a large variety of clothing styles. 

India has a large population which consists of a variety of people. They all live according to their own culture and tradition. Every cast & community follow their own culture.  Therefore, they commute and dress also according to their own culture and tradition and the climate of that respective place. In this way, large varieties of attires are found in India.

traditional dress of west bengal ( east India)

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* Attire of East India 

The states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, and the union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands exist in the east of India. Basically, the East Indian people wear Dhoti-kurta and saree. The women wear saree and blouses and the men wear Dhoti and kurta. Although, there is no restriction on commuting dresses for any person of any state. Everybody can commute any dress of any state. The women of every community like to wear Ghagra Choli and saree on most occasions, whilst these are the traditional dress of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Saree is a very common and favorite outfit for the women of entire India.

People from all states can be seen in their traditional dress only on specific occasions like weddings, festivals, rituals, etc.

Costumes of west Indians

* Attire of West India

The Western Indian is consist of the states like Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.

Traditional dress of Maharashtra

 Maharashtrian women like to wear a Paithani saree and the men wear Dhoti with a shirt during festivals or any specific occasion or any religious function. The people from Goa used to wear very fashionable dresses inspired by Western culture. basically, they like to wear shirts, skirts, tops & trousers. Mostly, the dresses are printed with colorful floral print.

Traditional outfit of Gujarat

Gujarati women wear Ghagra-Choli or Lehenga-choli with a long Odni or Dupatta. And the Gujarati man wears a kind of unique traditional Shirt with a Dhoti. They also wear Pagdi on their head. Such kinds of dresses they wear at a religious function or at a festival.

Traditional dress of Rajasthan

Rajasthani people dress to a large extent similar to Gujaratis. The men of Rajasthan used to wear Dhoti and Angrakha or Kurta Pajama and Pagdi. Pagdi is a long piece of colorful cloth that adorn the head of men. And the Rajasthani women wear Ghagra which are generally ankle lengthen & umbrella-shaped skirt types and on the Top they wear Kurtis or Cholies.

North Indian traditional outfit

* Attire of north India 

The northern part of India is consist of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir & Uttarakhand. The women of North India mostly wear Ghagra-Choli, Salwar-Kameez & Saree. The Ghagras are generally of full ankle lengthed and Salwars are also worm as bottom wear. Sarees are one of the favorite dresses for women. Women from entire India like to wear sarees on special occasions. Exactly the same with Ghagra. Ghagra is also worn by all Indian women but it is a traditional outfit of north India.

Traditional dress of punjab

Ghaghra or Lahenga is worn with Choli or a small Kurti, up to waist lengthed. Odny or Dupatta is a common outfit that is worn with Salwar-Kameez & Ghagra-Choli.

The men of North India mostly wear Dhoti, Pajama & Churidar at the bottom and Kurta & Sherwani at the top. Pagdi is a common outfit that is worn with both Dhoti-kurta and kurta-Pajama.

Traditional dress of south India

* Attire of South India

South Indian people dress very simply. The men of South India like to wear white Dhoti with highlighted border and colorful Lungi on the bottom and at the top, they wear white shirts and Angavastra.

The women like to wear silk sarees with Blouses. They also like to wear a long Lehenga with a blouse and a long Dupatta.

The South Indian silk saree is famous not only in India but also in the outer countries also.

These were the traditional outfits of India. But today Western outfits are liked by all because of their comfortable and light.

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