Jawed Habib, The popular hairdresser spitted on a woman

Jawed Habib, the popular hairdresser spitted on a woman

By Intimate Viewpoint

Jawed Habib, the popular hairdresser has done an unexpected job which can't ever be done by any kind of biggest person. No one can believe that a well-known, educated, and popular artist can do such kind of job.

On Friday, in Muzaffarpur Nagar, amid his audiences, during his teaching, when he was giving a haircut to the woman, he spits on the head of that woman by saying, "What to do when you have no water? You will have to work with this".

Although, he apologized later on and said, "That was only an act of making laugh someone, I haven't done anything of such kind".

The woman filed a case over him in a nearby police station

The woman said, "I am a lady, who runs a beauty salon. I went to attend his seminar to learn some unique cuttings and tips. He offered me to have a cut on my hair, I went there and sit, he was throwing some jokes to his audience, he started preparing to cut my hair meanwhile, during joking he said, what would you do if there will be no water, then he spits on my upper head and said, my spit is as valuable as me."

All these actions were caught by a camera.

The report has been filed on Muzaffar Nagar police station 

Under section 355, the case has been filed against him. Apart from this, he has also been accused of spreading the epidemic by spitting, now he has been summoned in court on 11th January.

Puja said, 'I would like to have a haircut from a street barber but not from Jawed Habib 

Puja, the beautician got hurt more. She said, that she would like to have a haircut from a street barber but not ever from Jawed Habib. There is another video of spitting by Jawed Habib that has surfaced.

Jawed Habib's father used to cut Nehru's hair

As we all know Jawed Habib is a famous hairdresser. His haircutting skill is a lineage. His father Habib Ahmed was also a famous Barber and used to cut hairs of very big and famous personalities at that time. 

He used to cut hairs of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's also. Apart from this, Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary, the editor and Chief of Zee News, also used to cut his hair by him for many years, he said himself on the news of 7th January.

This act is not simple 

Spitting has always been considered a bad habit, and if it has been done by such kind of personality and this way, it's really very disgusting. In this way, he not only tried to spread Coronavirus but also has insulted a woman.

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