Indian Culture | Short Note (300 words)

Indian Culture | Short Note (300 words) For Class five, six

By Intimate Viewpoint

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Indian culture is a legend in the world. It is also widely known because of its diversity. Indian culture is a fusion of many religions, traditions, languages, and customs. People from other countries come here to research it, and uncountable theories and books have been written on Indian culture. 

It is considered the oldest among all the cultures in the world. It is said also that many cultures got influenced by it and adopted many specific parts of it. 


The attributes of Indian Culture 

* The unity in diversity 

* Great soluble attribute  

* It is based on the principle of equality

* Inclusion of olden and modern thoughts 

* It teaches the lesson of harmony


* The unity in diversity 

Indian culture represents unity in its diversity. It teaches the lesson of unity to the whole world. The people of many religions, castes, and communities, live together with deep bonds and share their feelings, happiness, sorrows, and thoughts with each other. 

Indian culture allows people of every religion and community to celebrate their occasions and festivals with complete freedom not only that, but the people from other religions also join with them. They all celebrate every occasion and festival together with great pomp.

Indian historical place

* Great soluble attribute 

Indian culture is also unexampled because it has the quality of soluble with any culture. Only because of this specialty, Indian culture has been sustained by many cultures together for a long time. Apart from this, respecting every culture and giving importance to other cultures is also one of the great qualities of Indian Culture. There is not only one culture dominated in India rather all cultures get their existence and identity.

people of all classes and communities leave here with complete freedom.

* It is based on the principle of equality

Indian culture follows the principle of equality and gives equal rights to the people of each community and class. According to the Indian culture, all people are equal and they have the right to leave life following their own customs and creed.

It follows all ethical values. Ethical values like forgiveness, tolerance, politeness, truth, honesty, and justice. It is the specialty of Indian Culture that not only consider all ethical values but also obey and follow them.

* Inclusion of olden and modern thoughts 

That culture is considered great which gives space to the old, precious thoughts along with new thinking. The Indian culture is one of them. Indian culture not only embraces innovativeness but also respects many olden thoughts which help to lead people to the right path. Indian culture has been considering many old and great thoughts and has been holding many valuable ideas like a Legacy. For this specific reason, Indian culture is considered great and unique.

Holi, Indian Culture

* It teaches the lesson of harmony

Indian culture teaches the lesson of harmony to the whole world. It is an inclusion of many customs, creeds, & cultures, yet it is established harmony between all of them.

It maintains modesty for all religions, cast, Creed, etc. Indian culture is an inclusion all kinds of attributes. Therefore, all Indians, respect Indian culture and consider it wholeheartedly.

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