Indian Culture Facts | Stimulative And Unexampled

8 Indian culture facts that are stimulative and unexampled

By Intimate Viewpoint

Garva dance

If someone anywhere throughout the world pronounces the word "unique" and "unexampled", India comes first in mind. Even though India is not ahead in the field of technology nor is it counted in rich countries but still the name of India is taken by all the countries. There are many reasons for that. And the biggest reason for all of them is the uniqueness of India.

Its unique culture, unique tradition, unique cuisine, unique celebrating festivals, Unique greeting method, etc. have been attracting people from ancient times.

Although, it is very difficult to reach the exact counting of the facts of Indian Culture because they are numberless. But still, I am going to mention some of them in this article.

The cow dung is ready to be worshipped

* Using cow dung and cow urine in Hindu worship

Know more about the importance of cow in Hindu scripture

The cow is considered sacred in Hindu culture. Not only she has been worshipped but also her dung and urine are used in many worships.

Surya Pujan

Since the beginning of India, Indian culture has worshipped nature as its God. The people of India whether of any religion or culture somewhere worship nature considering them God. And this culture makes India unexampled. Like the moon is worshipped by Punjabi in Karwa Chauth, the sun is worshipped by the people of Bihar and Jharkhand in Chhath Puja, Know more about Chhat Puja not only this, offering water every day by facing the sun is also included in Hindu scripture.

The Banyan tree is being worshipped in 'Savitri Puja'

Many trees and plants are also worshipped. Like the Banyan tree, Peepal tree, Tulsi plant, etc.

* The culture of fasting (Upvas)

In India, fasting is considered one of the greatest means of devotion and reverence. In India, the people do fast on different festivals and for different gods according to their own scriptures.

Bhai duj ( Bhai Tika)

* The festival of Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj

Although each and every festival of India is unique. And their celebration method of them is also unique. Apart from this, the stories behind many of these festivals make them even more apart. 

Raksha Bhandhan

Exactly the same, the festival of "Raksha Bandhan" and "Bhai Dooj" know more about bhai duj are also unique in their own place. Because the consideration that a piece of thread and the application of a small drop of (Chandan) sandal paste on the forehead by the sisters would protect their brothers from all difficult situations is unique. And such considerations make a unique fact in India.

* Considering Gangajal as sacred 

Although, there is a separate recognition for all rivers in Indian scripture. All rivers are worshipped as gods. But the river 'Ganga' is the most sacred and adorable of all rivers. Because there is a legend too behind Ganga.

Moreover,  all Indians believe that bathing in Ganga washes away all the sins of people. This belief too makes a unique fact for Indian culture.

hungry and poor people are being feeding

* Feeding the hungry people is like serving God

Although, feeding the hungry and poor people is a kind of humanity. But according to the Indian belief, feeding the hungry people is more than humanity.

It is like serving God indirectly. This belief is also unique which makes Indian culture unique.

* Guests are like God in India (Atithi Devo Bhava)

The hospitality of India is famous in the entire world. "Atithi Devo Bhava" is not only a beautiful thought but in India, the guest is really treated like God.

If any guest comes into the house of someone, all the members of that family get involved to serve the guest. This happens only in India. That's why Indian culture is unique.

Offering Bhog

* Having Prasad respectfully 

Offering fruits and sweets to god is an old Indian culture. Not only this but also having them respectfully is also unique thought. And such kinds of thoughts come only into Indian minds.

That's why India is unique.

India is a country of rituals and rites, religions and culture, and a unique Civilization. Indian civilization is the heritage of olden history. It's every fact stimulates every people to go deeper and dipper in them. 

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