10 India Food Cultures Different But Delicious

10 Indian food cultures which are different but delicious and healthy

By Intimate Viewpoint

Indian food

India is widely known for its uniqueness. But the uniqueness is not only for its unique custom and tradition but also its amazing food and cuisine. Today, I am not going to discuss any fine cuisine or recipe of India, but I am going to tell about some eating habits of Indians, which are not special but conventional. And also eaten in every nook according to their state and regional culture.

Tikki Chola

* Tikki Chola - Tikki Chhola tests are very delicious and delightful. Tikiya is made with boiled potatoes, and Chola is made with chickpea. It is famous all over India. Tikiya Chola does not belong to any specific state or region. It is eaten almost by all Indians.

Jhal Muri

* Jhal Muri - Muri means puffed rice. Jhal Muri is sold basically in railway stations and inside the local trains also. Sometimes it can be seen at the fairs and markets too. Sometimes Indians prepare it themselves at home too and enjoy it together as snacks. 

Jhalmuri is prepared by mixing some household ingredients like Puffed rice, a few drops of mustard oil, chopped onion, a handful of the soaked gram, a little quantity of Namkeen mixture, chopped green chilies, chopped coriander leaf, chopped tomato, etc. are mixed well. Its test is very delicious and doesn't harm to stomach if is eaten more.

Bundiya Sew

* Bundiya Sew & Dahi Bundiya- Bundiya is a kind of typical Indian sweet and Sew is a kind of Namkeen Bhujia and Dahi means curd. This food is famous in entire India and eaten by all kinds of people in India. Bundiya is also used at parties as well. 

* Paratha Achar- It seems that you would know surely about paratha. It is a kind of Chapati and is made with wheat flour. And Achar means pickle. It is famous basically in Bihar and Punjab.

Ghughni Muri

* Ghughni Muri-  Ghughni is a kind of tasty dish which is prepared with gram or chickpea or pea. This dish is eaten with Mori (puffed rice). Ghughni Muri is famous basically in West Bengal, apart from this, it is sold in several railway stations also.

* Dahi Chuda - Chuda dahi mostly is eaten in 'Makar Sankranti' The Kite Festival. But it is eaten on normal days also, mostly for breakfast. It is good for the stomach. Chuda is made with rice and Dahi (curd). And curd is always considered good for the stomach. That's why it is counted in healthy and digestive foods.

Doodh Roti

*  Dudh Roti-  Dudh Roti is one of the favorite food of vegetarians in India. Doodh (milk), and Roti (chapati) both are healthy and friendly for the stomach. Dudh Roti is also favorite of all Indians.

Chawal Dal Chokha

* Chawal dal Chokha- Chawal (rice), dal (pulses), and Chokha is a typical dish made with boiled mashed potatoes. It is a healthy food too. It is counted as simplistic food because there is no oil and spices are used in it. When someone gets bored of eating spicy food, likes to eat Chawal dal Chokha. Even though it is a typical food of Bihar yet it is enjoyed all over the country.


* Khichdi- The literal meaning of khichdi is 'mixture'. It is not only delicious but also healthy too. When someone gets ill, doctors prefer for Khichdi to eat. It does not belong to any specific state or region but it is liked throughout the country. it is made with a variety of veggies like carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, beetroot, capsicum, beans, tomato, coriander leaf, etc., and rice and a lot of pulses. It is a healthy food that's why it is given to the little children also to eat for the fulfillment of all the nutrition in the body.

Stuffed Paratha

* Stuffed Paratha- Paratha and roti are one of the breakfast menus in India. Most families like to eat Paratha for breakfast. There is a variety of parathas like plane paratha, aloo paratha, Gobi paratha, Muli paratha, Paneer Paratha, Sattu paratha, and also many more.

It is also delicious as well as nutritious. But today, some Indians avoid eating parathas daily because of their being heavy and reach.

These were only 10 foods which are not only famous but also healthy too but you can get more examples of such kinds of cultural food in India. For such reasons, India is called a unique country.

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