What Are The Importance Of Cows In Indian Culture?

Why does the cow be important to Indian culture?

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Cow are grazing the grass

All Indians, especially Hindus, do not consider the cow only as an animal, but more than this, the cow is considered a mother. All Hindus called her "Go Mata" and do worship cows.

There are many such festivals in which cow dung and cow urine are a must. And there are many rituals too in which, the presence of a cow is the most necessary. 

Here are some of the necessities of cows given below: 

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* The necessity of a cow in "Griha Pravesh"

You must have heard about "Griha Pravesh". It is one of the prominent rituals in India. Which is done before entering into a new home. On this occasion, the presence of a cow is a must. Because the cow is worshipped at first then let it enters first at the new home then the owner of the house takes enters with his better half.

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the milk products

* Cow worship in 'Govatsa Dwadashi'

 'Govatsa Dwadashi' is the day that comes before Diwali. On this respective day, cows are worshipped considering them the symbol of motherhood.

Why do cows are considered nourishing mothers? 

The golden idol of Kamdhenu ( An Indian goddess)

In India, the significance of a cow is from ancient times. According to the Hindu scriptures, Kamdhenu was the cow of God who had the power to fulfill wishes. That's why she was considered a goddess too.

Therefore, considering the symbol of Kamdhenu, all cows are worshipped in India. Moreover, cows give us milk. Which nourishes all human beings. And it is also used to make different kinds of food items including sweets.

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* Uses of cow dung and urine in worship in India

In India, many such festivals are there in which cow dung and urine have been used during worship. 'Charanamrit' is prepared in every worship, in which, cow urine and other cow products like milk, curd, and Ghee, have been used.

Apart from this, cow dung is used in 'Vishnu Pujan', especially in West Bengal. Dhoop sticks are used almost by people of all religions, those sticks are generally made from cow dung. 

Cow dung cake

'Dhoop' is used by Hindus in many worships, which is need cow dung cake to be burned.

These are not enough, the importance of cows in Hinduism is enormous. According to Hindu astrology, the benefits of cows are more than our knowledge and information. If one serves a cow on a regular basis, according to the Hindu scripture, he is serving God indirectly.

In this way, the cow is not just an animal for the Indians

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