Why Is Indian Culture Unique?

The 7  main reasons for India being known as a unique country

By Intimate Viewpoint

Indian sweets

India is known as a unique country because of its beautiful and unique culture. India is famous for its custom, culture, and tradition. 

Do you know, why is India unique among all the countries of the world? 

There are many reasons for that. but here, I would mention the main 7 reasons.

* Unique way of greeting

* Unique marriage customs

* Diversity of language

* Unique festivals

* Country of temples

* Solubility of Indians

* Worship of nature 

Indian worship meterial

* Unique way of greeting- 

India is the only country where people greet each other by adopting the salutation method. Youngers greet elders by touching their feet. Friends greet by embarrassing each other. People bow their heads before God and do Pranaam. Such kinds of a unique ways of greetings can see in India only. That's why India is unique. 

Indian wedding custom

* Unique marriage customs-

There is a diversity of customs, cultures, and traditions in India. Because it is a country where there is a combination of many different kinds of people. Like. Bengali, Punjabi, Muslim, Christian, Marathi, South Indian, etc.

People of all different religions follow their own customs. Therefore, when if anyone would come to visit India, they not a single kind of wedding custom will they see but they will see different customs in different provinces.

* Diversity of language-

Where there is a diversity of people in India there is a diversity of languages too one can see in India.

There are 122 languages are spoken in India. But only 22 languages are recognized in the Indian Constitution. So, where 122 languages are spoken, then why can't that country be called a unique country?

Rangoli of Diwali in India

* Unique festivals-

Even though India is a country of diversity yet the people of all religions celebrate all festivals together. Although there is no exact list of festivals in India yet probably more than 50 festivals are celebrated here. In this way, India is a unique country because there is no other country where 50 festivals are celebrated every year.

Indian temples

* Country of temples-

The people of India are famous for reverence, devotion, and love. Where there is devotion and love everywhere, there is God too. And where there is God, there is a temple too.

In this way, there is a large number of temples can be seen in India. Because the people of India have deep faith in God and worship. That's why in India the temples are uncountable.

So, this specification also makes India a unique country.

* Solubility of Indians-

The people of India are soluble with all kinds of people. The hospitality of India is famous all over the world. The people here not only welcome the people coming from other countries but also give them a place in their hearts. So also people of India are soluble because they get mix-up with any other culture easily, and adopt their religion and tradition without any hesitation.

So this special quality of Indians also makes India a unique country.

Buddha amid nature

* Worship of nature-

Even though every country considers nature as powerful as God. Because we can see them and feel them and we can feel their contribution as well. Whereas we never ever see God. But India is the only country where the people worship this powerful nature.

This specialty also makes Indian culture unique.

So, These were some points that prove India is a unique country.

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