What Is CAA Law In India | What New Update Came About CAA on Monday 11-3-2024

What is the new update about the CAA rule in India?

By Intimate Viewpoint 

CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) was passed in 2019 in the parliament of India. According to this law, any non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan could obtain citizenship in India, without submitting any document, but at that time, the law could not be implemented and became controversial.

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Citizenship Amendment Act

Many protestants came out on the road to protest against the law, but yesterday, on Monday, 11-3-2024, it was implemented.

Now any non-Muslim migrant can obtain Indian citizenship by applying online with their personal email ID and mobile number.

How to apply for citizenship in India?

The migrant people can submit their application through a newly formed portal. The application will be submitted only online. A web portal has been provided for it.

Citizenship Amendment Act

What amendment was made to the previous act of citizenship?

Before 2016, the date of introducing the CAA, any foreigner could obtain citizenship in India after spending 11 years in India.

According to the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act), any non-muslim migrant, from Pakistan, Bangladesh, And Afghanistan can obtain citizenship in India without submitting any document.

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