A Few Interesting Fact About The Ayodhya Ram Temple

These 16 interesting facts represent the grandeur of the Ram Temple

By Intimate Viewpoint

1) Ram Mandir has been built on 107 acres of land. 

2) Soil from 2587 places has been used for the foundation of Ayodhya Ram Mandir.

3) The infrastructure has been designed by the Sampura family who have been experts in temple Architecture for more than 15 generations.

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Ayodhya Ram Mandir, complex

4) the length of Ayodhya Ram Mandir is 685 feet, the width is 250 feet, and the height is 161 feet.

5) There are 392 pillars and 44 Gates are in Ayodhya Ram Mandir. 14 Gates are made of Gold.

6) A time capsule is buried in 2000 feet under Ram Mandir, in which much important information about the Ram Mandir has been kept safely. 

7) In the Garv-Griha, the Throne of Lord Ram is made with Makrana marble and is wrapped with gold plate.

Ayodhya Ram Temple

8) Every brick installed in the Ram Temple has "Shri Ram" inscribed on it.

9) water from different Holy rivers of the country has been used in the construction of the Ram Mandir.

10) Apart from Lord Ram's idol, other Gods and goddesses have also been installed in the temple.

 11) The temple was constructed completely with stone. There is no steel, iron, or other metal has been used in the construction.

 12) Along with the Ram Mandir construction, the entire Ayodhya city has also been transformed.

 13)The whole Temple has been constructed according to the rule of "Vastu Shastra"

14) It has been guaranteed that the Ayodhya Ram Temple will remain safe for 1000 years and has also the capacity to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir

15) Ayodhya Ram Temple is the only Ram Temple in the world with five doms.

16) The complex of Ram Temple is so big that more than 10000 devotees can get a glimpse of Ram Lala simultaneously. 

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