What Is The Importance Of Flowers In Indian Culture?

What is the importance of different flowers in Indian culture?

By Intimate Viewpoint

In India, flowers are not only used to scent the house or to enhance the beauty of Gardens, rather, flowers are an integral part of the everyday life of people. The routine of most people is like this, they start their day with flowers. They wake up in the morning and go to a nearby garden to pluck and arrange different flowers to offer them to God. Some people complete their morning walk in this form, letter after, they take a bath and offer flowers to god so that the day will be spent happily and smoothly. Thus people start their day with flowers.

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Flowers used in weddings

Flowers in weddings

In India, flowers are used in weddings of every community and religion. From decorating the home to decorating the bride everywhere flowers are used. Not only that, flowers are also used in every ritual in a wedding.

flowers for worship and festival

Flowers in worship and festivals 

There is no festival celebrated without flowers. A diverse religious people living in India celebrate festivals and worship God in their own way. But flowers are used by all of them. 

In Hinduism, flowers are used more than other religious people. Hindu scriptures describe offering different flowers to different deities.

Flowers offered to different deities

Different flowers for different deities

*Red flowers are very significant. especially the red Hibiscus flower. These are offered to all goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga, Kaali, etc. 

*Yellow flowers, especially the Kaner flower or Nerium Oriender and yellow Marigold are offered to gods. Lord Vishnu loves yellow flowers the most.

*White and scented flowers are offered to all deities. 

*Red Flowers are Loved by the Sun God also.

*Lord Shiv became pleased with Akwan or Calotropis giantess and with moonflower or Dhatura Phool.

*Lotus flower is crucial in all flowers because it is loved by all deities.

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