The Importance Of Tulsi (Basil Plant) In Hinduism

Why Tulsi plant considered holy by Hindus?

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The Roman name for Tulsi is Basil. The Tulsi plant is not just a medicinal plant that cures common colds and coughs but it is also considered holy in Hindu scriptures.

Tulsi Vivah

In Hindu worship, Prasad is always offered to God by adding Tulsi leaves in it. Moreover, Tulsi leaves are also used to preserve cooked food during solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. According to the Hindu scriptures, if Basil or Tulsi leaves are added to the cooked food during solar and lunar eclipses, it can protect the food from the ill effects of eclipses.

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Why Tulsi plant is holy? 

The Legend 

Once upon a time, there was a demon called Jalandhar. He was as powerful as no God would be able to kill him. His wife was Vrinda. Her chastity was her greatest strength which protected her husband as well. As a result, her husband's dominance over the gods was increasing day by day. Therefore it was necessary to violet Vrinda's chastity to kill her husband. So, Lord Vishnu took the form of her husband and went to her. She could not recognize her husband. Thus her chastity was violated. And Gods became able to kill Jalandhar. After the death of her husband, Vrinda also left her body.

Tulsi Vivah

Lord Vishnu was pleased to see her virtuousness to her husband, and he blessed her that a Tulsi plant would grow from the ashes after her death, which would be revered in the whole universe. No worship will succeed without a Basil leaf. Even Lord Vishnu himself will not accept Prasad without Tulsi's leave. Thus Tulsi became revered in the whole universe.

What is Tulsi Vivah in Hindu scriptures? 

Tulsi Vivah is a ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi ji with Lord Vishnu (Shaligram). which is of great significance in Hinduism. It occurs in the month of Karthik or after Diwali.

Tulsi was the rebirth of Princess Vrinda, who was the great devotee of Lord Vishnu and wife of the demon Jalandhar. Vrinda's chastity always protected her husband as a Shield. Therefore he became a tyrant over the gods and used to torture them. So it became necessary to violet Vrinda's chastity and kill Jalandhar. Therefore, Lord Vishnu did so. As a result, Jalandhar died, and Vrinda too. Vrinda cursed him to turn into a stone called (Shaligram) before dying, to experience separation from his beloved and consort Goddess Lakshmi.

Lord Vishnu explained to her the whole necessities behind this trick and actions and promised her that he would marry her in his next incarnation of Lord Krishna. Thus he married her with her form of Tulsi (a plant) in his next incarnation. Thus he kept his promise.

That's why, Hindu people observe the day as the marriage anniversary of goddess Tulsi and Shaligram.

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