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What is the importance of ethnic wear in India?

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Ethnic wear makes any event special. All countries have their own ethnic wear, in the same way, India also has its own ethnic wear. Which makes each and every function and event memorable.

Indians celebrate a number of festivals apart from this, birthday parties, receptions, weddings, Mundans, First-feeding, etc. also occur during the year. So clothes play an important role in making such events colorful and unique.

Can you imagine Diwali without a saree, lehenga, or churidar for women and kurta pajama for men, and Holi without white dresses? 

People wear different types of ethnic wear on different occasions. Then it is clear that without ethnic wear occasions are incomplete.

What is ethnic wear?

All the colorful outfits that are worn on special occasions are known as ethnic wear, like Lehenga, Saree are worn at weddings by women. Salwar-kameez is also worn in many states of India. At a wedding, the men mostly wear a kurta and Pajama or Kurta-churidar. Sometimes Dhoti-kurta is also worn by some men.

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What is the difference between traditional and ethnic clothes?

Although, it is a little bit difficult to distinguish between traditional and ethnic wear. But it can be explained by some examples.

The traditional clothes are different in all the states but ethnic clothes are worn commonly throughout the country. We can take an example from West Bengal and some other states.

Sarees, mainly Banarasi silk saree is worn by women at West Bengal wedding. and men wear Dhoti and kurta. These are traditional wear of West Bengal. But when such clothes are worn by the people of other states on an occasion, it becomes ethnic wear.

Lehenga-choli is a traditional dress of Gujarat but it is also worn in other states as well as ethnic wear. Thus the difference between them can be explained.

A man wearing sherbani

What comes under ethnic wear in India?

In India, the saree is commonly put on by women all over India. It is the ethnic wear that is liked by women of every cast and religion. Apart from this, Lehenga-choli comes in second in ethnic wear. It is also liked by all women. Salwar kameez, Churidar, and Anarkali suits are also worn in different festivals as ethnic wear.

Men wear a kurta with Dhoti, Pajama, churidar, and Turbine. Kurta is an ethnic wear that is worn commonly by men throughout India.

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