What Is The Traditional Dress Of India?

 What is the traditional dress of India?

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a woman in red,green saree and a man in a red sherwani and offs white pajama

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Why Is Indian Culture Unique?

It is well known that India is a country of diversity. People of many religions, languages, and customs live here, not one. That's why that is not one but many traditional dresses here too. Different states have different conventional dresses.

The dresses of all the states of India depend on the climate and culture there. The climate of all the states is different and the culture of all the states is also different so the dress there is also different from each other.

Indian dress is famous all over the world. The traditional dress of some States is so renowned that they are worn not only in the whole country but all over the world like Lehenga, Salwar-kameez, Saree, etc. The Lehenga is worn chiefly in Rajasthan and Gujarat, and the salwar kameez is worn in states like, Punjab, Haryana, Kashmir, etc. and the saree is the traditional dress of North India and South India. But it is worn throughout the country.

A woman in red saree and green blouse

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What is ethnic wear? What is the ethnic wear of India?

The word 'Ethnic' is often used as a substitute for the word 'Tradition'. Ethnic wear refers to the particular dress of a place or country which represents the culture and traditions of that place. Due to the diversity in India, many ethnic wears are worn there.

8 Top Indian ethnic wear for ladies

Ghagra-choli, Saree, Blouse, Kurta, Pajama, Salwar-kameez, Lehenga, Sharara suit, Anarkali suit, Chudidar kurta, Odney, etc.

5 Top Indian ethnic wear for Gents 

Kurta-pajama, Churidar kurta, Sherwani, Dhoti kurta, Turbine.

A woman in red Lehenga

What is Indian traditional dress called?

Although there are many traditional dresses in India. Which are famous all over the world, but the one which is most popular among them for women is the saree and for men is the Churidar kurta.

The saree is the traditional dress of many states which is worn differently in different places. It is an unstitched cloth of 5 to 7 meters, which is commonly worn with a blouse (a short cloth that covers the shoulders and the chest area) and a petticoat (long leg wear, similar to a lehenga).

Men like to wear kurta Pajamas at festivals, weddings, and other events. But now men like most to wear a churidar instead of Pajama with a kurta.

A girl in a red saree & red blouse and a boy in a light colored Kurta

What are the traditional wedding dresses of India for men and women?

Mostly the men and the women like to wear Sherwani and saree. The Sherwani is an upgrade form of a kurta. Which is heavier than a kurta. It is worn with a Churidar but in some other states like in West Bengal bridegrooms wear a kurta with a dhoti.

Saree is commonly worn at weddings throughout India. A saree that is drafted by a bride is heavier than a normal saree. Today most brides like to wear a Lehenga more than a saree because it looks more stunning and fashionable than a saree. In recent times, the lehenga has become a traditional dress as well as a trend for women, but still in some states in middle-class and upper-middle-class families, the bride and groom are dressed in the traditional dress of the respective state, like in Punjab and Haryana, the brides wear salwar kameez with a dupatta, and a groom wear sherwani, Kurta pajama or coat-pant.

What is the National dress of India?

The Saree for women and a Dhoti for men is the National dress of India. A saree is a 4 to 5-cm long unstitched cloth that is worn with a blouse and a petticoat.

A Dhoti is also a 5 cm long unstitched cloth. It is normally of cotton and mostly white in color.

A man in a yellow kurta and yellow Dhoti And a woman in a orange, pink Lehenga and blouse & odniand

How many traditional dresses are there in India?

There are no certain numbers of traditional dresses in India, but the saree and dhoti are drafted in different traditional ways in many states like West Bengal, Orissa, and the Northern states of India. But in some states like Punjab Haryana, Kashmir, Gujarat, and more where lehenga and salwar kameez are worn as traditional attire. 

In the same way, a dhoti is also worn with different kinds of kurtas in different states. In some states, Kurtas are also worn with pajamas or a churidar.

What is the traditional dress of Uttar Pradesh and South India?

Dhoti and kurta are worn traditionally in Uttar Pradesh by men, and women like to wear saree. Apart from this, many women like to wear salwar kameez, lehenga, Plazo, and sharara suits in different forms.

The women of South India like to wear saree the most. South Indian silk saree is famous all over India. Its colorful silk saree adores women beautifully. Its trend never decreases. It is famous across the world also.

Whereas men like to wear a dhoti mostly of white colored and thin borders. They also like to wear Kurta and a shirt of light color to cover the upper part of the body.

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