Why Does Someone Become a Failure?

Why does someone become a failure in any field?

By Intimate viewpoint

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What is failure?

First of all, I have to say why people misinterpret failure. Actually, people are unable to know the exact meaning of failure. Failure doesn't mean that someone start something and didn't succeed or someone did the effort to do something new but could not run. But failure means, someone, becomes hopeless, effortless, and then quit. Now the question arises, why does someone become a failure? 

There are several results of someone's failure

* Despair

* Effortless

* Lacking money

* Lacking knowledge

* Pessimistic thought

* Miss-management

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* Despair

When a person does not succeed despite a lot of trying, he/she starts thinking negatively. Their hope turns into despair. They stop trying and change their way. Such people are counted as a failure. But those who are stubborn, never stop trying until their get success.

So, one should think positively always. And there should be no place for despair in their lives. Because despair is one of the main reasons for failure.

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* Effortless- 

When does a man become effortless? There are two conditions for that. One is when a man starts something new with much hope but his hope cannot be fulfilled instantly after a lot of trying, he leaves effort. 

And the second condition is, some people are lazy by nature but they hope for a good result for everything. At first, they do a little bit of effort but quickly they get bored and disappointed and then they leave their effort.

* Lacking money- 

Most time, lacking money becomes a reason for failure. Trying is not always everything. Money support is also necessary. But some people do enough effort but they become failures because of want of money. They become unable to arrange sufficient money for their career.


* Lacking knowledge

when you start something of which you have no knowledge at all, you become unable to manage it properly. Then, there are more chances of failure. But if anyone gives time to his/her career and their learning, then the chances of becoming a failure reduces. 

One should do research on the respective sector before starting them. And should keep continuing his research for longer. 

* Pessimistic thought- 

A pessimistic thought makes people weak and less confident. 

Therefore, when people start something, they should keep optimistic thinking. He should be determined about achieving success. And he should keep effort till the end.

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* Miss-management-

Management is a prominent part of making anything successful. But it is not easy as well. Mostly, one becomes a failure due to the different kinds of mismanagement. Like,

Miss- management of  resources

Miss-management of time

Miss-management of capital

Miss management of workers and so on.

A man can achieve success when he is able to manage everything in a proper direction. Whereas on the contrary, when someone misses any kind of management he becomes weak and then failure also.

So, a man should learn to manage things properly before starting something.

Although, these points are not all the reasons for becoming a failure there are many other reasons also. But these were prominent and often seen.

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