7 Scientific Importance Of Indian Culture And Tradition

What is the scientific importance of Indian culture and tradition?

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Indian culture and tradition are widely known throughout the world. It is known as a unique culture. It is not only unique but also its importance is scientifically proven in many ways and is also considered by the people of the entire world.

Indian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. So it has a lot of experience in all sectors. India is full of many great saints, scholars, scientists, poets, and intelligent persons. Therefore, the knowledge and experiences that India has are truly matchless.

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Agarbatti ( scented sticks)

* Lighting Dhoop, Agarbatti, and Diyas

There is no worship and ritual in Hindu scripture in which Dhoop, Agarbatti, and Diyas are not used. Even though it is used from a religious viewpoint but there are many scientific benefits that also work behind it.

Agarbattis are made with different kinds of scented flowers like Mogra, Gulab, lavender, etc. which keep the room as well as the people around calm and fresh. Such scented sticks refresh the body and mind of a person. 

Dhoops are burning during worship

Dhoops are burned in a small fire, and camphor is also burned with it. Camphor is best known for killing germs and bacteria. When the Dhoops are burned, smoke is released from them. Such smoke also helps to keep the mosquitoes away. Therefore, burning dhoops at home on a regular basis keeps the germs, mosquitoes, and bacteria away and makes the environment fresh and germs-free.

Ubtan ( a kind of paste made with turmeric, chandan, multani mitti, gulab jal,etc.)

* Using Ubtan and Mehndi in Indian wedding

Ubtan and Mehndi are commonly used by the people of all castes and religions in India. Basically at a wedding, these things are definitely used.

Ubtan is a kind of paste made with Sandal, Turmeric, Gulab Jal, Rosewater, etc. These things are medically proven good for the skin. They are also used to brighten skin tone. 

This mixture also stores coolness so it is also best for keeping oneself cool, calm, and relaxed in a wedding environment when they are applied to the face and body of a Bride or Groom.

Mehendi ( is a leaf used to decorate hands and feet ))

Mehendi is also a cool substance. So it also helps to keep calm and stress-free when it is applied on the palms and on the feet.

different varieties of Indian sweets

* Eating sweets after meals

In Indian tradition, sweets are the most important part of festivals, occasions, and hospitality. In India, sweets of different kinds are offered after meals and feast. Even though it is a culture of India but there are some scientific benefits also behind this culture.

Sweets consist of plenty of glucose. Therefore, eating sweets after meals fulfill the deficiency of glucose inside the body. Eating sweets, give soothing feelings. It also helps to enable the flow of digestive juice inside the human body. Thus, it increases the digestive power and appetite. 

eating food by sitting on the ground

* Eating by sitting on the ground 

It is an ancient culture of India. Even though now it is considered primitive in urban areas but scientifically it is very beneficial for the stomach.

Sitting on the ground by folding legs enables the digestive system. So when someone eats anything by sitting in such posture on the ground he digests very fast and easily.

Nimbu Pani ( lemon juice, sugar, and salt are mixed in water )

*Nimbu pain & Lassi

Nimbu Pani & Lassi are famous all over India. Nimbu Pani is commonly used in almost all families in India whether rich or middle-class families.

Nimbu Pani & Lassi are offered to guests at a party, wedding, or at home. It is drunk mostly in the summer season when the sun emits excessive heat.

Nimbu Pani and Lassi are far better than soft drinks. These drinks not only relax the body and mind but also are good for the stomach. Nimbu (lemon), and the curd which is used to make Lassi both are good for digestive function.

These drinks refresh the body and mind completely they also fulfill the deficiency of glucose in the body.

Surya Namaskar

* Surya Namaskar and offering water to the sun

Morning sunlight is always beneficial for health because it contains plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D makes the bones and muscles strong and active.

Surya Namaskar is also done at sunrise. So in this duration, the body gets sufficient sunlight and fulfills the requirement of vitamin D inside the body.

Exactly the same thing happens while the water is offered to the sun.

various Indian spices

Indian masala 

There are some different kinds of spices are used in Indian cuisine. The spices are known as "Common Masala" and "Garam Masala". These spices contain different kinds of seeds, leaves, and the various part of some special plants. These all are medically proven good for health and stomach somehow.

Every Indian spice is rich in some medicinal properties. Therefore, using them in a proper quantity help to cure various diseases. 

Even though there are only 7 benefits noted in this article. But one can get more and more benefits from Indian Culture if anyone goes to the depth of it.

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