Signature Costumes Of Different States Of India

What are the signature costumes of different states of India?

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There are 28 states and 9 union territories in India. Each has their own signature costumes which represent their own culture and traditions.

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* West Bengal

costume of west bengal

In West Bengal, Dhooti-Punjabi and saree are worn by all. Dhooti-Punjabi means Dhoti and Kurta. Dhooti-Punjabi is a Bengali term for Dhoti-Kurta. Although the dhoti, kurta, and saree are common costumes throughout the country, the draping style, and the fabrics, of the Dhoti and saree make a signature look for the specific states. 

The Tant saree and beautiful cotton printed saree are famous in West Bengal and also provide a signature look of West Bengal. 

* Punjab & Haryana

Costume of Punjab and Haryana

The people of Punjab and Haryana wear kurta and Tehmat and Dhoti
-Kurta and women wear Punjabi salwar Suit and Kurta-Lehenga. Punjab is well-known for vibrant and colorful costumes, 

Although Kurta and Payjama, are worn across the country, the specific design of kurta and salwar kameez makes it special for Punjab and Haryana. In Punjab, men like to wear a Kurta and Pajama and a Kurta with Themat which looks like a colorful Dhoti and a turbine, and women wear a Punjabi salwar and suit with a dupatta. The men of Haryana used to wear a Kurta with a Dhoti and a turbine and women wore a Lehenga with a kurta and a Dupatta.

* Jammu and Kashmir

Costume of Jammu & Kashmir

The men of Jammu and Kashmir like to wear Kurta and Pajama and women like to wear salwar with kameez and Dupatta. Jammu and Kashmir are cold regions, so the people there mostly wear clothes made of wool and leather and are full sleeves.

* Gujarat 

Costume of Gujarat

China choli or ghagra choli is famous all over Gujarat. China cholis are similar to Ghagra choli which is an ankel-length, round-shaped cloth made of 4 m or more than 4 m of clothes. Which is worn with choli and Dupatta by the women, the men like to wear a short frock-like kurta with Dhoti. They also like to wear a turbine on their head on a special occasion.

* Jharkhand and Bihar

costume of Jharkhand

Both in Jharkhand and Bihar men like to wear a Dhoti-kurta and kurta-pajama, and women like to wear a saree and blouse with a petticoat.

Costume of Bihar

* Goa 


This state has a blend of Indian and Portuguese culture, which is why, the men there, like to wear a Dhoti and kurta which is a long tunic over the Dhoti.

* Himachal Pradesh 

Costume of Himachal Pradesh

This state is famous for its unique and colorful clothing. The men used to wear a kurta and churidar with Chadar, and women used to wear a long skirt which looks like a lehenga, and on the top, a blouse.

* Madhya Pradesh

Costume of Madhya Pradesh

People of Madhya Pradesh, used to wear vibrant and colorful costumes. The men like to wear a Dhoti and a kurta with a turbine and women like to wear Lehenga and Choli.

* Maharashtra 

The people of Maharashtra are famous for their colorful and vibrant clothing. The men there, used to wear a Dhoti and kurta and women wore a Nauvari saree of 9 yards, draped in a unique style.

* Manipur 

The clothing of Manipur is very unique. The women there, used to wear a Phanek and Innaphi which is a wrap-around skirt and a shawl. Man wear a Dhoti and a long kurta.

* Rajasthan 

Rajasthan is famous for its bright and colorful clothing. The men used to wear a Dhoti and a kurta with a turbine and women wore a Ghagra and a choli with a long Dupatta.

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