Who Was Mukhtar Ansari | How Did He Die | What Is The New Update On His Death Affair?

Who was Mukhtar Ansari?

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Mukhtar Ansari was a notorious Mafia of Uttar Pradesh. He had killed so many innocent people for his own selfish interest, and to establish dominance. His brutality was famous in the entire Uttar Pradesh.

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Mukhtar Ansari

Everyone was scared of his name. He was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly from

the Mou constituency five times, which is why his power was clearly evidence.

When was Mukhtar Ansari captured by the police?

Mukhtar Ansari was captured in 2021 and carried with high protection from Ropar jail to Mandal jail, after fighting a long legal battle in the supreme court, the UP Government brought Mafia Mukhtar Ansari from Ropar jail to Bhadra Mandal jail, wearing a bulletproof jacket.

How did Mukhtar Ansari die? 

Mukhtar Ansari died on 28 March 2024. He got died of a heart attack. His death was confirmed by a panel of doctors from Delhi AIIMS,

What is a new update on Mukhtar Ansari's death affair? 

Mukhtar Ansari's son, Umar Ansari claimed that his father was given a slow poison which caused his heart attack. Mukhtar Ansari's brother told the media that Mukhtar said, he had been given slow poison by two times, the second time was March 19 and March 22, and the first time was 40 days ago from the second time.

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