Kojagori Lokkhi Pujo (2023) | Date | Meaning | Celebration | Significance

When is Kojagori Lokkhi Puja and what is the meaning of "Kojagori"?

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"Kojagori" is derived from the phrase "Ke Jago Re" which means, who is awake which is a Bengali term. The word "Lokkhi" is the Bengali term for Lakshmi which means Goddess Lakshmi, and "Pooja" means worship.

This year "Kojagori Lokkhi Puja" is on 28 October i.e. Saturday.

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When is it celebrated?

Kojagori Lokkhi Poojo is celebrated on the full moon day of Ashwin in the lunar calendar. It is the most auspicious day. It is observed in different ways in different regions and known by different names as well.

In West Bengal it is known as "Kojagori Lokkhi Pujo", some people call it "Sharad Purnima" or "Bengali Lakshmi puja".


'Lakshmi' is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, therefore, the rituals, rules, and regulations of this worship are significant. The actual time for performing the Pooja is midnight because it is considered that Goddess Lakshmi moves on earth and visits every house and gives blessings who are awake.

Kojagori Lokkhi Pujo


This festival is celebrated in West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, and many reasons in India with full devotion and dedication. This festival is significant. It is said that by performing this pooja properly, wealth, happiness, and prosperity reside in the house and troubles and inauspiciousness go away.

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