What Is The Significance Of Thursday In Indian Culture?

Why Thursday is important in Indian culture?

By Intimate Viewpoint

Although in Indian culture, there is a different importance for all the days. Because all days are considered to be related to one or the other deities. But the importance of Thursday is somewhat different and the most.

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Thursday's relation is considered to be with 'Jupiter' and the lord 'Brihaspati' the owner of 'Jupiter'. That's why Thursday is also known as 'Brihaspativaar' or 'Guru Vaar'. 

Lord Vishnu

Thursday is considered to be related to Lord Vishnu'. That's why there are some do's and don'ts associated with Thursday, following who pleases Vishnu and removes all evils, inauspicious, sorrow, and poverty from our lives.

The things must be done and somewhat not done on Thursday

Thursday relates to Lord Vishnu who loves the yellow colour the most. That's why, wearing yellow-colored clothes and eating yellow-colored food on this day pleases him.

By fasting on Thursday and worshiping banana trees and lord Vishnu, live's difficulties of everyone go away.

Yellow coloured food

Thursday's importance in West Bengal 

In other states of India, especially in West Bengal also there is importance of Thursday but in a different way. In West Bengal, Thursday is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, that's why, cutting Nails, beard, mustache, and hair, washing dirty clothes, and washing hair with soap or shampoo for women on Thursday is also considered inauspicious and brings misfortune.

Eating Khichdi on Thursday is also prohibited. Although eating yellow things on Thursday is considered auspicious but in spite of being yellow, eating Khichdi just on Thursday is considered inauspicious.

In this way, following all such rules on Thursday, the day is observed by the Indians for their good fortune. 

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