Significance Of Red Colour In Indian Culture

Why red colour is important in Indian culture? 

By Intimate Viewpoint

India is a country of diversity. A diverse cultured people are included here. The importance of the red colour in India is not only for Hindus but for people of all religions, especially at weddings. 

the brides are dressed in red

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The red colour in Indian weddings

The red colour is considered more auspicious. That's why the wedding costumes of the brides are usually red colour. The red colour is considered to be the colour of Mars. Mars has great significance in Indian married lives. Mars brings happiness, love, understanding, and prosperity to the lives of married couples through the red colour.

The red colour in Indian Mythology

In Indian Mythology, the red colour got a specific place. It is considered that the colour is highly symbolic of strength, bravery, and power. In Hinduism, goddesses are worshipped with red flowers and are applied red Kumkum or Sindoor on the idols of goddesses.

The Idols of goddess durga is applied sindur during worship

In the Hindu festivals, it can be seen that the idols of Goddesses are decorated with red coloured shining clothes because it is believed that the red colour is dearer to the Goddesses. Apart from this, The red colour has a different meaning in different places.

The red colour in different places

Somewhere the red is a symbol of danger, and somewhere it represents power. A woman possesses red colour to express love, strength, commitment, and fertility. A married woman likes to wear red colour dresses to express her love and dedication.

The red colour is a symbol of power and strength

In ancient times, when the kings went to war, they used to apply red Tilak on their foreheads and on their weapons for empowerment. The red colour is given importance in every auspicious work in India.

The red colour is a symbol of success and hope

A successful person is appreciated with a red Tilak on the forehead. It is believed that the red colour brings hope and opportunities to everyone. Therefore, the red kumkum is most often applied before starting a new work.

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