5 Foods In India that are considered apposite to eat in festivals during fastings

Which foods are fit for eating in festivals in India?

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India is a country of festivals and fastings. There is hardly any month in the 12 months when the people of India do not fast and do not celebrate any celebration.

 There is special care taken to eat at festivals and on fastings.

Considering onion and garlic erroneous, their uses in festivals are considered prohibitive. Whereas some foods are also there which are specially used in fastings and festivals.

5 of them are given below-

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Indian Food Culture

Sabudana or Sago pudding

* Sabudana (Sago)- In India, fasting persons do not eat cereals and pulses rather they eat fruit and the things that do not come under cereals and pulses.

Sago is one such kind of food. Sago is a kind of starch that is extracted from a Palm called Metroxylon Sagu. It is free from grains and gluten and also low in all protein, fat, and fiber. That's why it is preferable for a fasting person.

Paniphal or Singhada ( water chestnut) Halwa

* Paniphal ka Halwa (Water Chestnut Halwa)- Water Chestnut is a kind of fruit which are readily available in the form of flour in the markets of India. It is preferable to eat at festivals and during fastings. 

Most people like to eat it by making pudding or halwa.

Makhana or fox nuts or lotus seeds

* Makhana (Fox nut or Lotus seed)- Makhana is a good source of protein and fiber. It is full of nutrients and is enjoyed by having it roasted and sometimes fried in Ghee. Many fasting people like to have it with milk and sugar.

Makhana is a kind of seed that grows on the leaf in a pond. The seeds are collected and washed the impurities away then dried up for 2 days. It is roasted in a high flame, the black shells broken and the white puff pops out. Thus Makhana is made.

Sweets made up of milk

* Milk and dairy products- Milk and dairy products are always preparable for fasting people. In India some people like to have hot milk during fastings, sometimes lassi is made with curd and sugar and taken by the fasting people. Many people like to eat sweets that are made from milk like Rosogolla, Barfi, and Peda.

Fruits & Dry Fruits

* Fruits and dry fruits- All kinds of fruits and dry fruits are liked by the Indian fasting people because the fruits both dried and normal are offered to God in all festivals.

People usually have fruits in festivals after offering them to god as "Prasad".

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