What Is The Relationship Between Philosophy Of Life And Social Values?

What relationship is between philosophy of life and social values?

By Intimate Viewpoint

There are some name of social values are beeing showing in the picture

What is the philosophy of life?

If you want to know the answer to these questions extensively, then you should go to my other article because I have written the answer to this question in more detail in that article." What is Philosophy".

Philosophy is the study of life and social values. There is an interconnection between all of them. But here, I would like to give the answer to this question from my point of view.

There is a little difference between the answers to these questions. 

What is philosophy? and 

What is the philosophy of life?

"Philosophy" is the study of life, and the "philosophy of life" is that in which life values are calculated.

In Philosophy, those things are taught which we do experience in life. Whilst, philosophy of life tells each and every aspect of life.

This image is showing a few name of social values

"Life is only

as good

as your mindset"

What are social values?

Social values help humans to maintain the beauty of society. According to social values, rules regulations are most important to maintain the beauty of society.

Know more about social values

So, it always emphasizes rules-regulations and teaches about them in detail.

As I already said in the first paragraph that the philosophy, Philosophy of life,
and social values are interconnected with each other. In the absence of anyone, a complete study of the rest two cannot be done.

A statu of an old man sitted on a royal chair

"Be happy

Be bright

Be you"

What is the difference between the philosophy of life and social values?

Even though, they both emphasize rules regulations. But one of them points towards life values. And the other one points to social values.

In the study of the two, there is one common thing, that is human beings. Because it is only human beings who follow social values as well as life values.

To study every single aspect of life, it is important to know about life values. And exactly the same, to study society, it is important to know about social values.

A golden coloured statu showing equality

"Life is just a game


What is the relationship between the philosophy of life and social values?

There is a deep relationship between social values and the philosophy of life. As same as life is attached to society. As there is no existence of life and society without each other, exactly the same, there is no existence of philosophy of life and social values without each other.

But sometimes life can be seen without society, but society is impossible without life.

But if we talk about the philosophy of life and social values, both are incomplete without each other. For knowing about life entering into society is a must. In common with the social values. To understand social values, it is important to learn at first about the philosophy of life.

In this way, we can calculate the relationship between the two major parts.

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