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How does new year is celebrated in India

By Intimate Viewpoint

In India, even though all festivals, rituals, and important days are celebrated and observed according to the lunar calendar of India. But the days of every person begin according to the Gregorian calendar.

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New year celebration in India

So the new year of the Gregorian calendar is crucial in India and is celebrated with great pomp. In fact, it can also be said that the celebration of the new year in India is more pompous than the celebration of all other festivals celebrated in India, the main reason for this is that the festivals celebrated in India are religious whereas the new year is the same for people of all religions.

Way of celebration

On the night of 31st December, community parties are arranged in every small and big hotel and some people arrange parties privately in their Gardens, laws, or societies. People come together and stay awake the whole night to welcome the new year enthusiastically. A big amount is spent on the crackers every year. Exactly at 12:00 midnight, the whole sky lights up with the light of firecrackers. Then after having dinner, people go to their respective homes. Thus the night's celebration ends. Then the morning of the new year begins with worship. People wake up in the morning, take a bath, and perform Pooja at home. Some people also go to Temples with their families. 

A new year picnic in India, 2024

Picnic in New Year 

The trend of going for a picnic in the new year is also very popular in India. Here, women really get a chance to enjoy sitting in the winter sun, be they housewives or women working outside. Therefore picnic is a very beautiful occasion when they become able to enjoy the pleasant winter Sunshine with their family members. 

In this way, many people celebrate the first of January by having a picnic.

People who can afford to spend more money, go to a hill station and enjoy snowfall as well as the first January.

People who do not want to go out, stay in their area and have dinner outside with their family. Thus they spend the first day of January.

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