What is Amavasya called in English | Meaning | Festival | Tradition & Belief

What is Amavasya called in English?

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'Amavasya' is a Sanskrit word that refers to the 'New Moon' of the lunar phase. The moon has four primary phases, New Moon or Amavasya is one of them. It is the last date of the 'Krishna Paksha' in the lunar month. It comes fifteen days after the Full Moon or Purnima.

Meaning of Amavasya

Amavasya is a Sanskrit word that consists of two words"Ama and "Vasya". Ama means "together and "Vasya" means "to dwell".

Festive significance 

Amavasya is the tithi when Lakshmi Ji and Kali ji are worshipped. No other deity is worshipped except Kali ji and Lakshmi ji on this tithi.

Apart from this, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are commemorated by going around the Peepal tree on this specific day. Because in India, the Peepal tree is considered to be the form of three them.

Tradition and belief 

In India, there is a custom of offering water to our ancestors on the New Moon day or Amavasya that's why every month on this day many people offer water to their Ancestors. If Amavasya falls on Monday in any month then it is considered to have a different significance.

It is believed also that if a married woman fasts on this day, her husband will live a long life. And a woman is rid of childlessness and all desires fulfilled.


Amavasya, mainly 'Mahalaya Amavasya' that comes one day before Ashwin Navratri is considered more auspicious for 'Tarpan' (oblation) in Rameshwaram or other Holy Tirthsthan.

Ritual and Rites

In India, Amavasya is considered significant in many ways. This day is also considered the day of the four fathers that's why many people cook Kheer "pudding" and Puri at home and offer them to their four fathers.

Apart from this, doing such things is also considered auspicious like,

* Feeding flour to fishes.

* To feed hungry souls 

* Lightening Diyas with ghee in the northeast in the evening.

* Flowing red flowers and five lightning Diyas in the river water in the evening.

* Staying away from all kinds of alcoholic things on this day.

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