Five famous street food of India

What are the five famous street foods of India? 

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Indian street food, Bhel puri, dahi bada & chat

The variety of food is a prominent reason why India is a unique country. Apart from this, the ingredients, herbs, and, spices that are used in Indian cuisines are also different from other countries. Hence Indian cuisine is appreciated and loved all over the world.

If we are talking about Indian cuisine and there is no talk about its street food it cannot happen.

So let's know about five street food that is popularly known in India.

1) Panipuri - Do you ever heard about Pani puri in India? must you have heard it? Pani-Puri is known differently in different places like,

* In West Bengal, it is known as 'Fuchka' 

* In Bihar and Jharkhand, it is known as 'Gup-chup' 

* In some other states of India, it is known as 'Pani-puri' as well as 'Golgappa'

 in this way, it is famous all over India.

The Puri of Pani puri is made with Maida and Suji. Then boiled smashed potatoes are stuffed in the little crunchy puris and eaten with Pani means water, tamarind, salt, mint, and coriander are added to the water.

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The street food of India, Pani-puri

If anybody goes to any part of India to visit, a Pani puri vendor can be seen everywhere because everybody like panipuri. Pani-puri is not only light but also easily digestible. In India, people like to have panipuri on every occasion, event, and festival. If someone gets bored he or she goes outside to have some Golgappa to relieve their boredom. If someone is in stress, she goes outside to be stress-free with some Golgappa. In this way, Pani-puri plays a role more than food in India.

Tikki chart ( street food of India)

2)  Chart - The chart is also as famous as Panipuri. Because it is also as tasty and delicious as panipuri. There are a number of varieties of charts you can eat here like,

* Tikiya chart

* Samosa Chart

* Paapdi chart

* Chola chart

* Aaloo chart

* Fruit chart etc.

Every variety of chart is prepared in a unique way. Therefore, it tastes very delicious. It fulfills a little-little appetite.

Chole bhature ( street food of India)

3) Chhole Bhature - Although, Chhole Bhature particularly belongs to Punjab. But it is loved all over India. Now it became a street food in India.

Chole is made with chickpeas and a lot of spices and Bhature is made by mixing Maida and Suji. It is a kind of big Puri. Chhole Bhature is sold not only in the streets but also in every restaurant.

Pav Bhaji ( famous street food of Mumbai)

4) Pav Bhaji - Pav Bhaji is basically from Mumbai. But in India, Pav-bhaji is sold everywhere. Pav is a small-sized bun that is heated with butter and the Bhaji is a kind of mixed veg that is cooked by mashing the vegetables. It is delicious as well as healthy. Because the Bhaji contains a lot of vegetables. No unhealthy substances are added to Pav Bhaji.

Paneer roll ( street food of india)

5) Roll - Roll is also one of the street foods of India. It is also sold in a variety like,

* Veg roll 

* Egg roll 

* Paneer roll 

* Chicken roll, etc.

A big chapati is made from Maida then butter is added to it and after that, the chapati is rolled by stuffing the prepared ingredients that are demanded by the people.

India is known for its unique cuisine because it is prepared and served in a unique way. There is a number of varieties of food that can be found here but these five dishes are famous all over India.

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