Why is India called a golden bird?

Why is India called a golden Bird?

By Intimate Viewpoint

from the ancient history of India, we came to know that India is called a golden bird. Not for a big treasure in India, but the great Indian culture, Indian tradition, its rich heritage, its uniqueness, these things made India the 'Golden bird' or 'Sone Ki Chidiya'.

Although, it is not denied That India was full of precious stones, jewelry, and a lot of gold. This was the prominent reason for the bad eyes of foreign countries on India. And another reason was the simplicity of Indians.

From the beginning, the people of India have been great and kind heart. Because of this, anyone came to India and the Indians treated them without knowing anything. For this quality of Indians, they had to face many difficulties. Because anyone came here easily and occupied India, and established their rules on India.

Why is India a unique country?

There are a number of countries in the world, but yet India is unique.

Why and how?

The ancient history of India makes India unique. The Indians and their behavior were never seen anywhere. The way of the hospitality of the people of India is unique. 

In the heart of Indians have a special kind of feelings for others. that's why the countrymen of other countries get attracted towards India easily. The unique culture, and unique tradition, and the unique way of hospitality the Indians got from their ancestors.

There is a number of countries in the world. And they have a good economic condition, and their's technology is also too good. They are endowed more than India. But despite all, India only is unique.

India is a queen country, Why?

India is a queen country because the vast Himalayas protects her from the enemies like a sentinel. And it is also called the Taj of India. The Indian climate is also better than other countries because the Indian climate is neither too cold nor too hot which does not bother the people of India. Therefore, they can easily survive their life and can do any work for their livelihood. This is a special feature of the Indian climate.

There are many slogans like 'Satyamev Jayate', 'Atithi Devo Bhava', 'Jai Jawan Jai Kisan', Back to the Vedas', 'One religion one caste and one God for mankind' that make Indian culture unique. And this represents the greatness of Indians. These slogans are not only for raising voices but also to give a new message to the whole world. These also demonstrate the nobility of India.

India gives the message of peace to the whole World

India is a powerful country. It is endowed with many kinds of innovative weapons. India has a powerful army also. Despite all, it never tries to occupy other small countries.

The Indian Army increases its power not to harm the other countries but to protect oneself. India never tries to attack other countries at first, but if anyone tries to tease it, never step back to teach a lesson to that one.

The uniqueness of India impresses everyone. India has a diversity of caste, Creed, languages, clothes, etc. Yet all Indian live together peacefully and respect and follow the culture of each other. India is called 'Vishwa Guru' because it gives many valuable messages to the world.

India has a large population. But yet all Indians live together with love, peace, and brotherhood and give the message of unity to the world. 

India and the Indians both are unique. So we should be proud for being an Indian and also it is a matter of pride that India is our country and we were born on the soil of this unique and great country. 

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