5 Indian Dishes | Popular | Tasty and Healthy

5 Most popular Indian dishes which is tasty as well as healthy 

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Indian dishes

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India is famous for its culture, cuisine, and tradition worldwide. Indian dishes are liked by all not only for their taste but also liked for being nutritious. Most Indian dishes are made with healthy and nutritious ingredients. 

Although numberless dishes can be found in India, I will mention five.

Dahi Bada

* Dahi Bada  Even though it is famous throw out the country but it originated in Maharashtra. Apart from this, it is also liked by some eastern states of India like Bihar & Jharkhand.

Dahi Bada is commonly prepared on the occasion of Holi and Diwali. It is also served at many parties. 

Big Baras are fried in oil and soak it in thick Dahi (yogurt). Some special spices are sprinkled at the top. Thus it becomes tasty.

Pua he Indian dish

*Pua  Pua is prepared in a conventional way. It is made with Maida and Suji (Semolina). The batter is prepared by adding raw milk, and dry fruits are also added to it. Jaggery or sugar is added to the batter and remains for some time. Then Fried it in ghee or oil.

It also adorns the dining table in many festivals as Dahi Bada.

* Pakoda On hearing the name of Indian Pakoda, tongue starts watering. It doesn't do harm to the stomach even after being fried because in India Pakoda are made with a lot of vegetables like Palak (spinach), spring onion, onion, brinjal, cauliflower, etc. All such vegetables are chopped finely and mixed with besan or (gram flour). Salt, finely chopped green chili, ajwain, and garlic-ginger paste are also added to it. Then small balls and made from them and fried in mustard oil. 

Pakodas are also famous all over India. It is liked mostly with a cup of tea.

The four kinds of Halwa

* Halwa Have you ever heard about Indian Halwa? Our mouths waters and hearts fill with sweetness when we hear this word. In India, people cook several kinds of Halwa like Besan (gram flour)ka Halwa, Suji (Semolina) ka Halwa, Sakakand (sweet-potato) ka Halwa, Aloo (potato) ka halwa, and also many more. Sweet foods have great importance in Indian culture. There are no such festivals here that are celebrated without sweets.

That's why Halwa has special significance in Indian culture. All types of Halwas are made from healthy ingredients and most are cooked with Ghee which is always considered healthy.

Saabudana (Sago) Kheer

* Saabudana(Sago) Pudding Do you know about Saabudana pudding? It is cooked with milk after soaking them in water for approximately 30 minutes. It is used to eat basically in festivals when someone is in fast. It is healthy that's why infants are also fed with Sabudana kheer (pudding).

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