Happy Diwali 2022 | How to Celebrate a Happy and Prosperous Diwali

The 6 safety ways to celebrate a happy and a prosperous Diwali 

By Intimate Viewpoint

four girls in lahengas and a boy in kurta are playing with crackers in Diwali

* Keep children under your care and constant supervision 

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Diwali is a festival of lights and crackers therefore children remain excited and careless during this festival. An accident occurs when there is a little bit of carelessness. So, it is a big responsibility of elders to take care of them and always keep them under their constant supervision so that the festival season does not turn into despair.

Therefore, keep remembering a few points while celebrating this festival.

* Allow the children to burst crackers along with the elders.

* Do not allow girls and women to burst crackers wearing long and spreading clothe.

* When installing light in the home, take special care of the wires.

* Do not leave the wires open in a hurry.

* Do not let the children go where a large amount of wire is spread. 

* Be careful about the things they eat.

Woman in red frock is playing with wirework

* Do not burst firecrackers in front of the old and ill people 

Even though crackers are a thing of entertainment, but for children and healthy people but some such people also live in society might not like the sounds of crackers such people may get ill seriously from the sounds and smoke that are released by the crackers, even the children of under 5 also get scared of the sound of firecrackers, therefore, keep remembering their problems while enjoying Diwali because the festivals do not celebrate by traveling someone.

* Make the most of the Diyas 

Less use of candles and use clay Diyas more and more because there are some benefits of using clay Diyas.

Clay Diyas are lighted with Ghee or Mustard oil therefore, they never emit harmful gases. 

Moreover, you can help indirectly those poor people who make Diyas with a lot of hard work and with hope. Apart from this, you can celebrate a true Deepavali that matches with our tradition and mythology.

* Help needy people as much as possible 

The true meaning of a celebration festival is when you help needy people and get their blessings.

Everybody makes the people of their own family happy but you will be special if you can make at least one needy family happy. So try to be special. 

* Burn firecrackers as little as possible

Even though Diwali is a festival of crackers and we all like to enjoy crackers but it is our responsibility also to save our environment more than anything. Therefore, before playing with crackers, keep remembering the results of Delhi after every Deepavali.

Firecrackers are made with harmful Chemicals so when they are burned, they emit harmful smoke which can cause severe diseases, and those who are already suffering from any disease can get more ill seriously by these smoke and gases.

* Don't break the rules of burning crackers 

There are some safety rules made for burning crackers like,

* Always burst crackers in an open area.

* Do not try to break the sticks of Rockets-crackers before burning to make more fun because the sticks are for balancing the crackers so if you do so, the crackers can enter anywhere and can cause a severe accident.

* Do not burst crackers in front of anyone's house.

* Do not throw burning crackers on an animal.

* Do not let the children play with heavy crackers.

 So follow these rules and celebrate a happy and prosperous Diwali.

 Happy Diwali to all of you

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