What Is The Importance Of Indian Culture?

What is the importance of Indian culture to the world? 

By Intimate Viewpoint

The statue of Natraj

India is a vast country that has a large population as well. This large population consists of diverse people, languages, literature, dresses, festivals, dances, rituals, cultures, traditions, etc. 

The importance of Indian culture is spread across the world. The people of all countries consider its importance by heart. Indian culture is the symbol of love, sacrifice, unity, dignity, integrity, and also many more values. It is based on moral and ethical values. That's why it has the ability to teach all moral lessons to the whole world.

This is not all. The importance of Indian culture can't be stated in a few sentences. Yet a few of them have been mentioned as follows.

It is a Mudra of Bharat Natyam ( classicle dance of India)

* There are many people of diverse cultures and traditions who live together in India without having any trouble. They all enjoy their own festivals and follow their own rituals and rites and the people from other religions and castes join them. In this way, every day is a festival day and every night is Diwali for all the Indians.

* Even though people of different caste, creeds, and religions live in India yet they all express themselves as Indians. And called themselves Indians. So here, the unity in diversity can be seen everywhere. Thus the Indians become a symbol of unity and teach the moral lesson of unity in diversity to the whole world.

A dance step of Indian classical dance

Indian culture not only respect but also still follow many of the ancient rules and regulations which are made by the great men of India. Even though it embraces the latest inventions and innovative thoughts but still it respects as well as considers the ancient culture and tradition. That's why it is unique across the world.

* India is efficient in Mathematics, Technology, Science, Literature, etc. A number of noble men have been born on this sacred field of India and been given their precious thoughts and ideas to the world. But despite all, the Indians never ever show their specialty in an arrogant way. Rather they have always been shown their politeness and softness. This is because the basis of Indian culture is politeness and softness. These are not only their nature but also their specialty.

Indian dresses

Indian culture is original. It is considered that Indian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Therefore, many cultures have originated from this unique culture and got influenced by it. In this way, it can be said that the Indian culture is the father of many cultures.

* The ancient history of India also represents the richness and uniqueness of Indian culture. Many-many legends are there behind the ancient history of India. These legends also make Indian history important throughout the world. 

Indian Bride

* The component of Indian culture like hospitality, etiquette, politeness, equality, etc. give a distinct impact on the whole world. And attract them towards India. Many priceless messages like "Atithi Devo Bhava"," Sewa hi Dharam Hai"," Jai Jawan Jai Kisan", etc are given by the great men of India to the world and made a place in the heart of all people in the world for itself.

 Indian culture's gift to the world is remarkable. All Indians are proud to be a part of this rich and matchless culture.

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