Buddh Purnima, 2023 | Date | Celebration | Significance | History

What is Buddh Purnima and why is it observed every year in India?

By Intimate Viewpoint

Date :

This year Buddha Purnima will be observed on the fifth of May, Friday.

Celebration and significance:

Buddha Purnima is observed on the Baisakh Purnima or on the April full moon day. It is the biggest day for all the people who practice Buddhism. And the most significant day for Buddhists. 

Gautam Buddha image

According to ancient history, it is the day when Mahatma Buddha or Gautam Buddha was born and on the same day he attained enlighted and his death occurred.

The term "Buddha Purnima" refers to Buddha (Gautam Buddha), and Purnima (full moon day). Thus the day is considered most auspicious for all human beings of the world. 

Even though the day is celebrated by the Buddhists but the Hindu people also mark the day as most auspicious and do much important work on this day.

The Procession of Mahatma Buddha

Buddha Purnima is observed by offering prayers and meditation in the Buddha temples. Processions are also taken out in many places. Buddhist observe fast and discuss the lessons of Gautam Buddha.

Many people take holy dips in the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and other holy rivers because it is considered that such dips on this day wash away sin.


Ancient history says that the Mahatma Buddha was a prince of the Lumbini Grove in China. His childhood name was Siddharth. Since childhood, he was kind and did not like living in Royal places. He wanted to attain spiritual knowledge. He left the princely life and traveled into the forest and after 6 years of hardship, he attain enlightenment under the shade of a big tree in Bodh Gaya which is later known as the Bodhi tree.

The Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya

He was the founder of Buddhism. He traveled the whole world for 45 years to propagate and spread Buddhism and eventually attained salvation at the age of 80.

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